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Hamilton is a trained Master Shaman who received his training from Julio Llerena Pinedo, a renowned mystic healer. In 2004, he became the first Westerner to be recognized as a Maestro Medico Vegetalista (Amazonian Master Shaman), which is a title of distinction in the field of Amazonian Shaman.


Hamilton’s experience encompasses 22 years using his proprietary techniques to help clients improve their lives. He has worked with over 15,000 individuals during this time and has guided over 3,000 shamanic ceremonies.


Hamilton has worked with high-profile clients, including celebrities, business leaders, and CEO's, for the past 20 years. He offers consultation and coaching aimed at helping individuals achieve success and peak performance in four key areas of their life: health, relationships, business and finances, and spirituality. Through his proprietary methods and protocols, Hamilton helps clients access their personal power and make positive changes in their lives.

Blue Morpho Mystery School

Due to the growing interest in Hamilton's work, he launched the Mystery School to teach his proprietary techniques. Hamilton has made it his life's mission to share his mystical wisdom and knowledge.

⏱️ Hamilton's Journey

Unmatched Experience , Knowledge, and Reputation



Started apprenticeship in the Amazon under the tutelage of the legendary Julio Llerena Pinedo


Started Healing

Hamilton put his skills into practice and started healing Amazon locals


Expanded Practice

Began healing visitors from around the globe


Covered by New York Times

First positive publication on healing with Amazonian traditional medicine in the world


Master Teacher

Covered by National Geographic and TIME.
Youngest, and first westerner, to be titled Maestro Medico Vegetalista at the age of 25. 


First 1000 clients and published author

Pioneer of the neo-shamanic revolution

Published Journey of One


Completed 1000 Ceremonies

Safely guided over 5000 participants through Shamanic Ceremony


Going Global

First globally streamed sacred shamanic healing ceremony – attended by over 10,000 people from over 15 countries


Elite Coaching

Started Coaching and mentoring Elite Founders, CEO’s and business people


Innovation Lab

Started a innovation lab to impact global problems with next-generation technology


Business Success

Blue Morpho Tours over 10,000+ clients


Business Expansion

Published Medicine Vs Sorcery

Launched Gaia Labs, LiquidEarth and FullStock technology platforms


Blue Morpho Mystery School

Launched the Blue Morpho Mystery School – First Mystery School to standardize shamanic medicine practices for safety, professionalism and certification of practitioners.

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